Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have to admit folks I am Stymied. For you peeps who haven't heard that expression before it for me is a Golf term. and at the end of this I will give you the definition.

This is the reason I am Stymied...Jim Gourdie at Conservatives On Fire and there is John Scotus at the Tree of Mambre andSteve Dennis at America's Watchtower.  The guy that gets me the most is Harrison over at Capitol Commentary .

These dudes are getting me through the F'ing BS that is occurring, thru this week-end and before..

Debt Increase Taxes, or Cut Em....Cut Spending is not the same as 'reduce spending'.

We need to take the Round Up out and just Napalm the entire area.

It is Poisons to US..

I am Mad As Hell and I just will not let these Progressives take me away...

Strap your Boots on MF, Get on the Train or get the hell out of the way!


I am Stymied!
When "stymies" were in effect, golf balls on the green were not marked and lifted in singles match play unless the two balls were within six inches of each other. A "stymie" occurred when another ball was directly in the putting line of your ball. Since that ball was not lifted (unless it was within 6 inches of your ball), you'd have to putt over or around it.

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