Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The Opinions in this post are 100% mine.  I am not being paid for this post[I wish].  The reason behind this post is it's time to strap your boots on!  I really could give a hoot at this point what your particular political persuasion is.  This Country is In deep do-do.  No time to keep your head in the sand, it's time to get cracking and do something!

That being said, yesterday I received a very interesting email from one of the websites I subscribe to It was announcing a new creation from the creators of  It is called POPVOX, "Your Voice - Verified   - Quantified - Amplified."

Individual and advocacy groups communicate directly with members of Congress.

  • Letters to congress are delivered and verified.
  • See what people are saying on bills in Congress.
  • Direct access to sentiment in your district.
  • Bill reports with bottom-line data.
  • Widgets and advocacy tools for orgainizations.
I have tried it and it seems it can be addicting!  But this is a good addiction, using technology to participate in the process.  I used it on two separate bills, H.R. 3  No Taxpayer funding for abortions act, and H.R. 25  Fair Tax Act 2011.  By doing so it told me who the sponsor(s) was,  Who it was opposed by.  Who it was endorsed by.  A brief description of the language in the bill.  How my participation  for or against, moved the pie graph in my district.

A not so fun fact...3,000 bills have been introduced into Congress already this year!

Now you have a simple-easy way to effect change in the process.  Now you can let your Congressperson know where you stand and that their jobs depend on your voice!

Remember you really can't bitch if your not doing something about it, so visit POPVOX today and GET STARTED.

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