Friday, May 27, 2011


Herman Cain on Fox and Friends yesterday backed the failed Rep. Ryan Budget plan "100 percent."  Telling Gretchen, "those who are backing away from the plan lack courage".
Mr. Cain regarding his lack of 'Name Recognition'..."positivity you have to earn, you can buy name recognition".  Summing up being dissed by Washington stalwarts, Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer..."the people see something the old Washington establishment doesn't see".

Video Clip from his segment on F and F.

It's really starting to turn my stomach to hear comments from supposed Conservatives such as Rove and Krauthammer.  You expect that from the left, but not from players on the home team!  Which gives into a nagging feeling of mine that we [Conservative voters] are being set up again.  It's Bob Dole and John McCain all over again.  This time the heir-apparent of the Conservative elite seems to be Mitt Romney .  Another Fox in Sheeps clothing in my book.

The smarty pants elite are forgetting just one thing this cycle, the grassroots movement called 'The Tea Party'.

For now, I will hitch a ride on the Cain Train.  You just can't help but gravitate to a gentleman who says, "I'm bringing joy to this campaign and that's what a lot of political insiders don't like".
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