Thursday, April 7, 2011


It is still way to early in the round to start predicting winners.  In fact the players haven't even got their clubs out of their cars in the parking lot and potential players haven't even decided if they want to brave the course.  In a recent WSJ/NBC Poll:  A Donald Trump Surprise!  Is The Donald getting ready to remodel the Boardroom into something Oval?

Mitt Romney(I will never vote for Mitt) appears to be the early front-runner in the growing circle jerk race for the GOP nomination for President.  Here is the early-early-not even gotten their balls warm yet leaderboard;  Romney 21%, The Donald and Gov. Huckabee(great VP) 17%, Mr. Newt 11%, Sarah 10%, Gov. Pawlenty 6%, Rep. Bachman 5%, Rick Santoum 3%, and Gov. Haley Barbor 1%.

I am going against a 'Reaganism' when he preached(paraphrased), that 'Republicans shall not eat their own'.  Hell in this new political climate where a no resume, no gravitas, community organizer can take the trophy,  I want the GOP players to belly up to the buffet and drop their drawers!  Expose yourselves to the American People, show US who you really are.

My short list of players who need to sign in at the clubhouse-- 'Run Ron Run', Ron Paul and another businessman, Herman Cain.  You know our Founding Fathers never intended these career inside Washington politicians.  They envisioned the common man leaving his endeavors to serve their Country and return to public life in and of their own accord.

Me, I am getting a tingling sensation up my leg(thank you Chris Matthews) with the vision of President Trump pointing his finger with a no nonsense, Your Fired!

*Golf referances in tribute to the start of the 2011 Masters from Augusta Georgia.


Catherine said...

Dear Don, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Donald Trump ...I think any one of these men can only make things better. Blessings, Catherine

Don E. Chute said...

Yes you are right. It is our job as informed citizens to keep our eye on the ball, and follow through with what is good, right, and true.

Bless you--Have a great weekend.


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